This is a 4-week Online Astrology Course to learn about your Natal Chart. 

Price: $128 (limited to 4 spots)

Dates: Fridays: February 1, 15

Dates: Fridays, March 1, 15

Class Time: 9:30 – 11:30 OR 4:30 – 6:30 pm (*I will choose the time-frame based on the time that works for MOST participants & keep in mind that the classes will be recorded if you can’t make the time)

Class Format: We will use Zoom for our Online Classes (these will be recorded and emailed to you). You will have access to a Facebook Forum where we can all connect and you can ask questions, so if you are not able to join the live classes you will still have the opportunity to ask me any questions that come up for you.

Below is a breakdown of each week:

Class 1: Introduction to the Natal Chart and key aspects of the Natal Chart. We will use your Natal charts to discuss key placements, such as the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

Class 2: Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the Natal Chart – What they indicate about the way you learn, communicate, relate to others, and use your energy.

Class 3: North and South Nodes –  These placements help you to understand your talents/strengths that are not, typically, obvious (especially in younger years) but are meant to be developed in this lifetime for greater success and fulfillment.

Class 4: Wrap-up class/tie up loose ends. Questions. Look at more examples of your personal Natal Charts to help integrate the information you have learned in the first 3 classes.